• 03/06/2021
  • Ben Di-Lorenzo
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KPSC is very fortunate to have a number of people willing to volunteer their time to ensure the club runs smoothly.

This month we are delighted to recognise Alex Stavrakoulis who volunteers as gatekeeper and security on Senior matchdays. Being a gatekeeper is one of the toughest volunteer gigs at the club and we appreciate Alex’s efforts in performing this role as the funds collected on matchday goes towards paying referees fees on Senior match day.

Alex has volunteered his time over many years as a Coach, Committee member, Security Marshall, on the BBQ, Canteen and annual KPSC tournament, just to name a few of the volunteer roles. As Alex says – whatever is required he is happy to do.

The Keilor Park SC thank and congratulate Alex for his generous contribution to the club.

Thanks so much to all the volunteers at Keilor Park that so generously give up their time to support the operations of the club. We hope you are enjoying the experience of being part of the contributing community culture that we continue to build on at KPSC.

We always require more volunteer assistance around the club. We encourage our members to get involved to help share the load.

Please let us know if you would like to assist in any particular volunteer role around the club  and if you would like to recommend any other volunteers around the club for their volunteering efforts.

Go KPSC !!

KPSC Committee


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